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In Episode 2,  ABC Gotham's amateur historians, Kate and Kathleen, discuss beer and breweries  in the 5 boroughs throughout history.  We start in the 1850's with Knickerbocker, Ruppert, Ballantine, Schlitz, Rhenigold, and Piels, and take you all the way up to today with Brooklyn Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Sixpoint, and Chelsea.  Beer is unstoppable!  Neither Prohibition nor anti- German sentiment could stop NYC brewing for good.  You better grab a pint for this episode, because all that talking is going to make you thirsty.

Links to check out after listening:

Website of Gotham Center for NYC History, a CUNY center that provided a lot of info for this episode

Brooklyn Brewery

Bronx Brewery

Urban Oyster-- excellent, informative walking/ bus tours of NYC

NY Historical Society Beer Here Exhibition

NY Historical Society Beer Appreciation Night on July 10-- see you there!