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Brooklyn Navy Yard


From 1806 to 1966, The Brooklyn Navy Yard in Wallabout Bay, Brooklyn, constructed and repaired our nation's ships-- especially battleships-- in its 4 dry docks.  The 200 acres were covered with offices, store-houses, factories, hospitals, barracks, and extrordinarily lavish homes for admirals and the Commandant. At its maximum operation during WWII, over 70,000 peole worked there around the clock. Ships that played major roles in American history, like the Maine (its unexplained explosion in Havana triggered the Spanish- American War), the Arizona (it sank in the attack on Pearl Harbor), and the Missouri (it was the site of Japan's official surrender, ending WWII) were built there.  Kate and Kathleen tell you all about the amazing past at the Brooklyn Navy Yard-- and the exciting events going on there now!

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