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The largest cemetery in the United States is right here in New York City, on Hart Island in the Bronx.  There's a sovereign nation on U Thant Island just below Roosevelt Island.  And you'll find thriving seaside communities on City Island and Broad Channel.  Learn about some of New York City's smaller, lesser- known islands with Kate and Kathleen in this episode  of ABC Gotham. But keep your kayak away from the islands that are off- limits bird sanctuaries, or the double- crested cormorants will squawk your head off!  (Seriously.  They will.)

Helpful links to check out after listening to us:

Hart Island pics on Kingston Lounge Broad Channel Historical Society The City Island Chamber of Commerce The City Island Nautical Museum and Historical Society Hunter Island Virtual Tour Complete list of all the smaller islands in New York City "The Other Islands of New York City" by Sharon Seitz and Stuart Miller

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