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In Episode I, Kate and Kathleen tell you all about areas of New York City that are somehow separate or apart from the rest of us.  These aren't islands, like we discussed in our previous episode I, but they're still isolated.  Surrounded by Nassau County, national parkland, or even another borough, these cool weird neighborhoods have landmarks, histories, and residents with their own unique struggles.  Listen and learn about places so far off the beaten path that you may have never visited them--unless you live there! (And if you do, we want to hear from you!)

A great New York Times article on Meadowmere and Meadowmere Park 

Another great New York Times article, on Willets Point and what we can expect in the future

Yet another New York Times article on how Breezy Point can be a cooperative neighborhood

A New York Daily News article on The Great Glorious Grand Army of the Bronx's attempt to reclaim Marble Hill

Is affordable housing in New York City a myth?  No, but applying for it is somewhat complicated.

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