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Malcolm X in NYC


Malcolm X had an immeasurable impact around the world, but a great deal of his activism happened while he was living in New York City.  Kate and Kathleen tell you all about his crimes in his youth, which led to prison, which led him to the teachings of Elijah Muhammed and the Nation of Islam.  His work as the leading voice of the NOI came to an abrupt and ugly end, but this didn't stop his work and greater impact on civil rights and human rights.  Learn all about this fascinating person in Episode X.

More info to check out after you listen:

The Autobiography of Malcolm X would be required reading, if podcasts had that. It is so good. It reads like a novel. READ IT.

A video of Malcolm X discussing his "chickens coming home to roost" comment

Plenty of other videos of Malcolm X's speeches

Learn more about Malcolm X and his work at The Malcolm X and Dr Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center

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