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In the second part of the Robert Moses podcast, Kate and Kathleen discuss Moses’ downfall: his compromises, his miscalculations, and his failures.  While the U.N. worked out as planned, the Mid- Manhattan Expressway, the Battery Bridge, and World’s Fair certainly didn't.  Hear about the increasingly critical press coverage of his works, which fed New Yorkers’ growing disillusionment with their Master Builder.

To check out after listening:

Andrew Lynch’s amazing maps of unbuilt Robert Moses expressway projects.  They're incredibly accurate in their resemblance to Google maps.  Furthermore, they're incredibly important in their ability to truly evoke the astonishing destruction that would have to happen on our beloved Manhattan streets-- and indeed, the kind of destruction that DID happen in so many other places throughout New York.

Our Facebook page for these and other Robert Moses-related pics, including photos from an exhibit of protest posters, the hideous New York Coliseum, some AMAZING Moses- inspired graffiti in Baltimore, and of course Moses  himself in an old- fashioned men’s bathing suit.

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