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"The Harlem Hellfighters" was the nickname of the 369th Infantry Regiment, a regiment made up entirely of African-American and African Puerto Rican soldiers.  Most of the men came from Harlem, San Juan Hill (around Fifty-ninth Street in Manhattan), and the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  They were the most famous black unit in World War I and also saw action in World War II. Kate and Kathleen tell you all about segregation within the military, difficulties that black soldiers endured while getting basic training in the American South, and the shocking response of France to this talented regiment. Despite enduring FAR more challenges that those faced by a white soldier, the Hellfighters were extraordinary soldiers.  They're unusual for having never lost a soldier through capture, and they never lost a foot of ground or a single trench to the enemy.  Learn why the the 369th Regiment Band was world famous, and hear about the particularly amazing accomplishments of Pvt. Henry Lincoln "Black Death" Johnson and Pvt. Needham Roberts in Episode H of ABC Gotham.

Learn more about Pvt Henry Lincoln Johnson here.
Read Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s great piece on the Harlem Hellfighters on The Root.

Max Brooks discusses his graphic novel "The Harlem Hellfighters" on NPR's All Things Considered.

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