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Who thought these were a good idea?  Seriously.  On Day 1, when the money guys met with the building guys, why didn't they scream and run away?  Did they feel any regret once the building itself took form?  Jacquetta and Kathleen are disgusted, but they got through Part 2: Modernism and managed to keep their sanity (mostly).

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The links we promised:

Yes, 432 Park Avenue WAS, in fact, inspired by a garbage can.  At least it's a fancy garbage can.

This article has more info and nice pictures of 432 Park's lighting scheme.

As of the time of recording, there are currently plans for eight more ultra-luxe towers in and around Manhattan.

Nicholas Korody at Archinet.com has done a great job compiling various reviews of the new Whitney.

Theodore Dalrymple is the genius who says, of the new Whiney Museum, "The building was a perfect place from which to commit suicide".  I recommend reading his other stuff.  Not an architect, but a helluva writer.

Jonathan Letham wrote an open letter to Frank Gehry .The article includes an image of the "Miss Brooklyn" tower, a hideous architechtural bullet we were lucky to dodge. 

Yes, Barclays Center does have the worst seats in professional sports. And there are no plans to change them.  To paraphrase Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark, "You can watch the game on your phone, plebe."

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